Week 8 (Sea)

In truth, a week of reform has come at me like a damn ocean. I try to sit down, to do everything in my schoolwork AND my business AND MKMMA and even when I feel like I’ve done a lot I end the day with so many things I had missed. It’s overwhelming- drowning, quite frankly.

Negativity aside, I’ve noted that my “love others and they shall love you” lessons have been working well. An individual who was a near stranger to me ranted quite violently toward me, claiming that my smaller height caused me to be poor in relationships (go figure, who knew a complete stranger could make such a “perfect” analysis), that my abilities as a writer were terrible, and so on and so forth. I merely complimented her and asked what made her rage so much. She finally stated she would not speak to me again… And then contacted me the next day. What can I say…

Anyway. That’s really it for this week. As for my business, my team has grown a new member and I’m starting to see the multiplication effect really take place- a new member will be joining my team directly under me next Wednesday, so that is most certainly exciting. All in all, I suppose I can not complain, though I am rather close to merely accepting that I shall not be able to do all activities encased in MKMMA- at least, not all at once. It’s hard to chug the information as we’re instructed, though I know that if it were easy there’d be no point in doing it.


~Sean Morrison,



Week 7 (Reform)

The week was fairly uneventful, aside from one new member under me in my company and the fact that I probably just pulled my knee in a kendo/lightsaber fight at a nearby park. Anyway; fun stuff. This aside, I’ve found that I’ve neglected nearly all responsibilities in the master keys and this simply can not do. After the call tomorrow I am going to spend some time refreshing my self on all that must be done in a day, and all I have left to do. No more slacking; tomorrow is the day of reform.


~Sean Morrison,


Week 5/6 (Forgetful)

The mere fact I’m combining two weeks should say something here. I’ve slacked on many of the tangible aspects of MKMMA. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed by how much there is to do even though it doesn’t really seem like there is too much to do. Perhaps it’s just forgetfulness. Still; this changes today. Today, I catch up on that which I have slacked on.

Anyway, life is going… So-so. I’ve joined yet another D&D campaign and am questioning my self if my time is being used effectively. Granted, D&D is really the only set time I have for personal pleasure, and at the moment it only consumes 6 hours of my whole 7 day week, but… Who knows. One of the DMs (dungeon-masters, the guy who runs the game) for one of the games is a bit of an ass and I may opt out of his game when it feels appropriate, so perhaps I will free up my schedule a bit more in that sense.

This Halloween was a tad disappointment, which to me is ironic because I handled the days very poor morning in such a good way. I vomited right into the sink when I woke up and when my friend rushed in to ask if I was ok I just laughed and said “well, good thing I hadn’t eaten breakfast yet!” I survived the day on two horrible (yet healthy) meals, and did not complain. I had a decently fun time, I got to speak to a counselor at my school… Yet when I set up my table in front of my grandpas house, with the candy decorations on it, with a creepy doll holding the bowl, with my friend offering drawing commissions for $1, me offering Halloween jokes… Only eight people stopped by our house over the course of four hours. Eight people. All that work, and no one showed up. Needless to say I think I’m going to return to trick-or-treating again next year.

I’ve come to a crossroads in my college career far earlier than I thought I would. Speaking with a counseler yesterday, I’ve discovered that I have two options; dedicate my classes to a business major, or try and find some way to get an English degree. I’ve learned ASU has no real way to grant a degree in English, so earning a major in English would be… An interesting feat. English is my passion- writing, specifically- yet business is far more obtainable. Who knows; perhaps I’ll just do both over the course of the next decade. Who’s to say I can’t?

My depression is a bit more tame, I feel. I began two months ago sobbing into a pillow with my friend (pathetic as it might sound), petrified by the spectral haunting figure we call “adulthood”, but now I have seemed to calm down… Or perhaps I’m just numb. I can’t tell.

Well. That’s about all I have to say about that. Time to go renew my DMP.


~Sean Morrison



(P.S.; here’s my Halloween set up)14915419_10209509703958613_934638119899270576_n

MKMMA, Week 4 (Compound)

I’ve begun to see a bit of progress with the MKMMA’s lessons as well as the lessons I’ve procured from my mother’s spiritual teachings; letting go. I’ve seen success come to me in the form of a very strong prospect and a new associate under me in my company! I merely stopped worrying about the income, and for at least a moment a bit of it came.

As for my readings, they are still growing sluggish but I am finding I am doing more and more of what I am required each day. I’m positive this will compound soon until it is without thought that I perform my given actions daily.

As far as my personal life, I’ve made a new friend in the past week with whom I’ve grown very close to. I’m happy for this, as it shows that slowly my previously tarnished social life is coming back a bit stronger. Granted, I am sad that this friend resides in Ohio so personal interaction is a bit lacking, but none the less, a friend is a friend.

I’ve taken up a writing commission for my friend Alex and therefore have begun to truly reflect on my art (novel/short story writing). I’m a little irritated by how little control I have over the direction of the story but, in truth, I expected this to happen from the get go when working with Alex. Worse come to worse, I can write the story as I please and simply lose payment; at least I will have happily honed my craft.

School is… So-so. Debates have made my literature class into a nightmare for the first 30 minutes of it, so I merely try to keep my head down (bit hard to). I’ve lucky avoided thinking much about the elections as a whole which has taken quite a lot of stress off my shoulders that may of originally been placed there (pro-tip folks, it doesn’t matter who wins; just keep living).

All in all, life SEEMS to be getting on the up and up. I find my self less depressed than I was only a week ago, and to this I am grateful.


~Sean Morrison, 10/19/2016


P.S. I made a “walksprite” in the fashion of Andrew Hussie for my new friend. Spriting is a little easy and some might not consider it an art, but I quite enjoy it!



MKMMA Week 3 (Moving Along)

Not much to say about this week, truth be told. It’s been pretty straight forward. Got promoted in my company, which was nice. Still neglecting MKMMA quite a lot more than I’d really prefer to be doing… But… Hey. At least I’m catching up a bit more. Eventually it will all balance out. This, I am sure.


~Sean Morrison

MKMMA, Week 2 (Lagging)

To put it lightly, I feel like I’m losing my mind- if only a little. Everything is scrambled and chaotic from all ends. While I still truly believe in the MKMMA and am abiding by its readings, I am finding it hard to set the time aside to actually commit to *all* the readings. I read my DMP at least once a day for sure, and I do read The Greatest Salesman 3 times a day as instructed (it is at the moment my favorite reading), but I’ve found I have hardly done the actual Master Keys reading/sitting exercises. But the point of the class (one of the points) is to understand time management, no? I’m sure that I will begin to slip these things into my schedule.

As *for* my schedule, the President of the Gaming Club at my college (I’m the VP) has slowly begun to push me out and has blatantly booted me out of his D&D campaign, but this does not bother me; I have two other campaigns to keep me company, I have a room of entertaining people (some friends, some acquaintances), and so so what if he’s alienating me? The other two campaigns were more fun anyway 😀

My business it self feels like I’m striking the same brick on the same wall without any result, yet I know that network marketing takes time. It’s just hard not to feel like a failure since I’ve approached nearly thirty or more people about it so far and have yet to get a personal sale (I only got two from my father). I haven’t even reached the most basic goal in the company yet, my first advancement. But… I am going to try to take lessons from a professional in my company who specializes in people my age. Most of the company just assumes that you can use the same tactics on college students that you can on adults but I have found this, if only statistically, to be false. I am sure that after meeting with Nick (the professional) my success at my school will grow.

My friend, Jane, is also perhaps the only thing keeping me entirely sane throughout this.

Once you’ve hit the bottom, the good news is there’s only one way to go;


~Sean Morrison, 10/6/2016

MKMMA, Week 1 (so far)

I’m finding it a bit hard to actually make the change to the MKMMA experience, especailly since I’ve started both my business AND college only on the 22nd of last month. To be quite frank, it’s becoming horribly overwhelming. Even in moments when I can relax, I feel like I’m wronging my self by doing so. Having fun feels, for lack of a better word, a sin. It’s… A horrible shift.

But hopefully one for the better… After all; what alternative do I have? Go to college to get a good job? That doesn’t work anymore. It’s do, or die, in my instance. I either learn to give up the fun in my youth or *only have fun in my youth*.

Other than that, The World’s Greatest Salesman is am amazing novel hitting all points that I’ve had in mind as I’ve begun my career as a salesman. It’s splendid and both inspires me and gives me hope. Even beyond our 30 days of reading I may continue to read it through and through every day for the next few years- if not longer.


26th of September, 2016