Who am I?

“Who are you?” What a loaded question, but if I were to answer it in a brief way… Well…

My name is Sean Morrison, born in Newport Beach, California. I moved at five years old to Scottsdale, Arizona where I have lived ever since in a cozy little apartment at the border of three major cities. I went to a small little suburban elementary school and some of my fondest memories of youth were at Boys and Girls Club (quite frankly, it was the *best* in the state, which is why I loved it so much). Middleschool was an odd, breeze-through time. Aside from my amazing history teacher (who unfortunatly succumed to a disease which only affects 8 (now 7) people in the world) I do not remember much of those years. Highschool was… A ride. Freshman year was a breeze, though I recall Sophmore year being perhaps the worst year of my life. I was in a relationship with an abusive girl over the internet who toyed with my mind and spread her depression and inner-demons onto me. I grew to hate her, but have forgiven her in the end- and forgiven my self as well (I mean, it’s not like I was forced to stay by her side and take it; it was my choice after all). Thankfully this ended around my junior year when I met a lovely girl named Jane Morris whom, as of today, still keeps me level headed and tends to me. She is my rock. My senior year was a rush of lust and confusion, quite frankly I’m still kind of spiraling off that river. And now, here I am, a new college student at Scottsdale Community College.

But history lesson aside; who am I? What do I like to do? From middleschool on I took up writing and roleplaying. In fact, I have grown so much as a roleplayer that it became a major form of therapy during my late youth (and still is, to be perfectly honest). What better way to escape ones troubles than to pretend one is not themselves? Writing on the other hand was just a way of putting my verbal flare into beautiful strings of text. Granted, my best works were smutty, but… Eh. I am an avid video gamer and video games, too, play an important role to my self therapy- like roleplaying. They allow me not just an escape, but a sense of glory. I’m not just getting away from the ol’ mundane existence, I’m becoming something so much greater than my self. A hero, or a villain. A soldier, or a survivor. A detective, or the murderer. The point is, the options are limitless; I can be everyone and no one all at the same time, it is a world that I can control- No, it is *many* worlds that I control!

But, I suppose, this is about all I can say about my self without proper prompting. Of course if you are more interested in learning about me, shoot me a message on Twitter or, if you’re a bit more into modern apps, my snapchat is TheWittyAmerica (should of been American but the N cut off).

Thanks for taking the time to read this little blip about me!