MKMMA, Week 2 (Lagging)

To put it lightly, I feel like I’m losing my mind- if only a little. Everything is scrambled and chaotic from all ends. While I still truly believe in the MKMMA and am abiding by its readings, I am finding it hard to set the time aside to actually commit to *all* the readings. I read my DMP at least once a day for sure, and I do read The Greatest Salesman 3 times a day as instructed (it is at the moment my favorite reading), but I’ve found I have hardly done the actual Master Keys reading/sitting exercises. But the point of the class (one of the points) is to understand time management, no? I’m sure that I will begin to slip these things into my schedule.

As *for* my schedule, the President of the Gaming Club at my college (I’m the VP) has slowly begun to push me out and has blatantly booted me out of his D&D campaign, but this does not bother me; I have two other campaigns to keep me company, I have a room of entertaining people (some friends, some acquaintances), and so so what if he’s alienating me? The other two campaigns were more fun anyway šŸ˜€

My business it self feels like I’m striking the same brick on the same wall without any result, yet I know that network marketing takes time. It’s just hard not to feel like a failure since I’ve approached nearly thirty or more people about it so far and have yet to get a personal sale (I only got two from my father). I haven’t even reached the most basic goal in the company yet, my first advancement. But… I am going to try to take lessons from a professional in my company who specializes in people my age. Most of the company just assumes that you can use the same tactics on college students that you can on adults but I have found this, if only statistically, to be false. I am sure that after meeting with Nick (the professional) my success at my school will grow.

My friend, Jane, is also perhaps the only thing keeping me entirely sane throughout this.

Once you’ve hit the bottom, the good news is there’s only one way to go;


~Sean Morrison, 10/6/2016


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