MKMMA, Week 4 (Compound)

I’ve begun to see a bit of progress with the MKMMA’s lessons as well as the lessons I’ve procured from my mother’s spiritual teachings; letting go. I’ve seen success come to me in the form of a very strong prospect and a new associate under me in my company! I merely stopped worrying about the income, and for at least a moment a bit of it came.

As for my readings, they are still growing sluggish but I am finding I am doing more and more of what I am required each day. I’m positive this will compound soon until it is without thought that I perform my given actions daily.

As far as my personal life, I’ve made a new friend in the past week with whom I’ve grown very close to. I’m happy for this, as it shows that slowly my previously tarnished social life is coming back a bit stronger. Granted, I am sad that this friend resides in Ohio so personal interaction is a bit lacking, but none the less, a friend is a friend.

I’ve taken up a writing commission for my friend Alex and therefore have begun to truly reflect on my art (novel/short story writing). I’m a little irritated by how little control I have over the direction of the story but, in truth, I expected this to happen from the get go when working with Alex. Worse come to worse, I can write the story as I please and simply lose payment; at least I will have happily honed my craft.

School is… So-so. Debates have made my literature class into a nightmare for the first 30 minutes of it, so I merely try to keep my head down (bit hard to). I’ve lucky avoided thinking much about the elections as a whole which has taken quite a lot of stress off my shoulders that may of originally been placed there (pro-tip folks, it doesn’t matter who wins; just keep living).

All in all, life SEEMS to be getting on the up and up. I find my self less depressed than I was only a week ago, and to this I am grateful.


~Sean Morrison, 10/19/2016


P.S. I made a “walksprite” in the fashion of Andrew Hussie for my new friend. Spriting is a little easy and some might not consider it an art, but I quite enjoy it!




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