Week 8 (Sea)

In truth, a week of reform has come at me like a damn ocean. I try to sit down, to do everything in my schoolwork AND my business AND MKMMA and even when I feel like I’ve done a lot I end the day with so many things I had missed. It’s overwhelming- drowning, quite frankly.

Negativity aside, I’ve noted that my “love others and they shall love you” lessons have been working well. An individual who was a near stranger to me ranted quite violently toward me, claiming that my smaller height caused me to be poor in relationships (go figure, who knew a complete stranger could make such a “perfect” analysis), that my abilities as a writer were terrible, and so on and so forth. I merely complimented her and asked what made her rage so much. She finally stated she would not speak to me again… And then contacted me the next day. What can I say…

Anyway. That’s really it for this week. As for my business, my team has grown a new member and I’m starting to see the multiplication effect really take place- a new member will be joining my team directly under me next Wednesday, so that is most certainly exciting. All in all, I suppose I can not complain, though I am rather close to merely accepting that I shall not be able to do all activities encased in MKMMA- at least, not all at once. It’s hard to chug the information as we’re instructed, though I know that if it were easy there’d be no point in doing it.


~Sean Morrison,



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