Week 5/6 (Forgetful)

The mere fact I’m combining two weeks should say something here. I’ve slacked on many of the tangible aspects of MKMMA. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed by how much there is to do even though it doesn’t really seem like there is too much to do. Perhaps it’s just forgetfulness. Still; this changes today. Today, I catch up on that which I have slacked on.

Anyway, life is going… So-so. I’ve joined yet another D&D campaign and am questioning my self if my time is being used effectively. Granted, D&D is really the only set time I have for personal pleasure, and at the moment it only consumes 6 hours of my whole 7 day week, but… Who knows. One of the DMs (dungeon-masters, the guy who runs the game) for one of the games is a bit of an ass and I may opt out of his game when it feels appropriate, so perhaps I will free up my schedule a bit more in that sense.

This Halloween was a tad disappointment, which to me is ironic because I handled the days very poor morning in such a good way. I vomited right into the sink when I woke up and when my friend rushed in to ask if I was ok I just laughed and said “well, good thing I hadn’t eaten breakfast yet!” I survived the day on two horrible (yet healthy) meals, and did not complain. I had a decently fun time, I got to speak to a counselor at my school… Yet when I set up my table in front of my grandpas house, with the candy decorations on it, with a creepy doll holding the bowl, with my friend offering drawing commissions for $1, me offering Halloween jokes… Only eight people stopped by our house over the course of four hours. Eight people. All that work, and no one showed up. Needless to say I think I’m going to return to trick-or-treating again next year.

I’ve come to a crossroads in my college career far earlier than I thought I would. Speaking with a counseler yesterday, I’ve discovered that I have two options; dedicate my classes to a business major, or try and find some way to get an English degree. I’ve learned ASU has no real way to grant a degree in English, so earning a major in English would be… An interesting feat. English is my passion- writing, specifically- yet business is far more obtainable. Who knows; perhaps I’ll just do both over the course of the next decade. Who’s to say I can’t?

My depression is a bit more tame, I feel. I began two months ago sobbing into a pillow with my friend (pathetic as it might sound), petrified by the spectral haunting figure we call “adulthood”, but now I have seemed to calm down… Or perhaps I’m just numb. I can’t tell.

Well. That’s about all I have to say about that. Time to go renew my DMP.


~Sean Morrison



(P.S.; here’s my Halloween set up)14915419_10209509703958613_934638119899270576_n


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