MKMMA, Week 1 (so far)

I’m finding it a bit hard to actually make the change to the MKMMA experience, especailly since I’ve started both my business AND college only on the 22nd of last month. To be quite frank, it’s becoming horribly overwhelming. Even in moments when I can relax, I feel like I’m wronging my self by doing so. Having fun feels, for lack of a better word, a sin. It’s… A horrible shift.

But hopefully one for the better… After all; what alternative do I have? Go to college to get a good job? That doesn’t work anymore. It’s do, or die, in my instance. I either learn to give up the fun in my youth or *only have fun in my youth*.

Other than that, The World’s Greatest Salesman is am amazing novel hitting all points that I’ve had in mind as I’ve begun my career as a salesman. It’s splendid and both inspires me and gives me hope. Even beyond our 30 days of reading I may continue to read it through and through every day for the next few years- if not longer.


26th of September, 2016


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